Random Gun focusses on the arbitrary nature of guns. A timer on a gun shows random numbers, when a specific number is shown the gun will fire a paintball on a wall, which in turn creates an artwork in itself. Visitors will try to find out when the gun fires, because of the randomness they will never really find out.

the installation shoots randomly, I find the Random aspect very interesting, because random violence,
in the contrary to normal violence, does not serve a goal. That makes it even more dangerous and
frighting. You can more or less calculate with normal violence. the one party takes an action, and
the other party reacts and so on. also, every act of violence is an attempt to make things better, to
change things. With random violence that aspect is gone, so everybody is a target, we are all guilty,
and we should all be afraid.



May-june 2014 Rotary Random Gun was exposed at the redlight district in Amsterdam.

A Turning around, randomly shooting, Paintball gun